Thanks for the fun challenge, Sarah! I'm still making pages from afar. :-) We've moved on to our last long stay of our road trip: Capitol Reef National Park. Spent the day there today, and such incredible layered rock, canyons, and rock formations. We're back at our campsite resting up, and it's super windy now, so I'm hoping the (tent material) bunk ends in my little trailer hang in there through all the buffeting! :O


We spent the day exploring Capitol Reef National Park, and what an amazing place! We ventured down several dirt roads to see the incredible canyons, including Grand Wash, Pleasant Creek, and finally, Capitol Gorge. There we hiked (a lot longer than we expected to!) to see petroglyphs, the Pioneer Registrar (which we thought was graffiti - whoops!), and eventually up to "The Tanks, which turned out to be a strenuous hike over rocks to two pools of water. Beautiful views all along the way, though, and well worth the effort.

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