Our days are full, so I'm just squeezing in a little time in the evenings (when I can!) to do a little quick scrapping. Thank goodness for templates! And such perfect ones, too. I'll get more creative when I'm back home with my big screens and I'm not driving and sight-seeing every day. Happy to do a little bit while I'm on the go, though! :-)


Our last hike of the day was out to Landscape Arch, the biggest arch in the park. It used to be fatter, but a big chunk fell off in 1971 - right as some visitors were sitting under it! Luckily no one was hurt, but they don't let you get close to it now. It's still impressive from a distance! I love how graceful it is. Well worth the up-and-down walk.

Font - CK Jot


Layer Works No. 1083
Hike More Solids Paper Pack