Loved the layout posted on the DD blog for this challenge. Such a wonderful heritage page! So I dug up an old photo of me, my sister and brother and used Linda's layout as a basis for this! I loved the blue color, the old photo and the journaling on the side. I also like the tag she used, but I changed mine to tags... and then decided to use them as the title!

I love this photo! I’m not sure when it
was taken but I know it was in San Pedro
sometime in the early 60s. I just love
the way we are all lined up! So cute!

Paper (Jackie Eckles “Springtide” coming Sunday 4/1/07)
Labels (Katie Pertiet “Loosely Labeled” coming Sunday 4/1/07)
Frame (Katie Pertiet “Curled Photo Frames”)
Stitch, Cross (Katie Pertiet “Flossy Stitches-White”)
Stitch, Other (Katie Pertiet “Messy White Stitches”)
Journaling Lines (Anna Aspnes “Scanty Journal Lines”)
Stain Brush (Jackie Eckles “Coffee Stains”)
Circle Brush (Anna Aspnes “Circle Splats”)
Flourish (Anna Aspnes “Hipster Plumes 8”)
Drop Shadow (Katie Pertiet “Drop Shadow Action”)
Font (”Typist” downloaded from the Internet)

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi