A page showing where we went back in 2016. We visited Elisabeth in Vienna and then caught up with Heather in Istanbul. What a treat!
I love including maps in my books and I loved that I could roughly align the artsy cartographer brush with the layered template to add a bit of interest.
I grouped all of the country mask layers together and clipped the Krafty paper to the group. I changed the paper's blend mode to mulitiply so the shading of each country showed through. I placed the blendable map layer on top of that, also in multiply blend mode.

Artsy Cartographer Edges Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Blendable Map Layers No. 04
Far and Wide Sentiments Brushes and Stamps
Far and Wide Solids Paper Pack
Where U Been? Europe Layered Template
ARToptions Krafty Paper Pack No. 04
Photo Clusters No. 62