Well I consider this a win on the SSL "Brushwork as a design element" because instead of adding my brushwork LAST as I usually do, I started with it, making it the foundation of my page. I just couldn't help adding in a few things here and there as I got carried away. I was inspired by the strawberries in Luna's dress to add the strawberry brushwork.

Here's the journaling in case you are interested. There's probably some typos that I will need to fix later:

Two and a half looks good on you. You are bouncing around, full of life and energy and love. You are super social, insisting on running independently into school without looking back and saying goodbye to all of your friends before you leave. You try to take a different special treasure to school every day. You long for special moments with mommy, as you aren't the only child anymore. You love to pair up similar things and say "so happy together!" You adore your baby brother, sometimes a little too much, but always including him when talking about our family. You have broadened your TV horizons beyond Dora and Mickey Mouse to asking for DIY Youtube videos about colored bouncing balls and play-doh. You are obsessed with all the sparkly, pretty and magical things like unicorns and fairies. You prefer pink, purple, and black. Cars are still your favorite. You love to dress-up in your "dancing dress" and pick out pretty shoes. You're getting pretty good with both Spanish and English. You're adorable even when you are having a temper tantrum. Everyone tells us how beautiful you are. We think you're pretty awesome!

Supplies Used:
Let's Be Silly Brushes and Stamps
Golden Pretty Element Pack
Cedar Crest Element Pack
Be Buttoned: Energy
Black, White and Plum Kit
Crowning Affair: Vibrant Kit
Adventures in Outlines: Shape Clusters No. 01
Bead Scatterings No. 02
Bliss Element Pack
Taped Word Strips No. 05
Silver Chevrons No. 01
Brilliant Life Scrapbook Kit
Vintage Engraved Clusters and Layers No. 03
Text Clusters Brushes and Stamps No. 06
Arctic Whites Paper Pack No. 04
Monthly Memories Vol. 02: Foundations No. 02