An album cover! Yay! almost 3 years late Wink
I've been working like a trojan (yes, we visited Troy in turkey!) to complete Volume 1 of our travels. I take way too many photos and spend waaay too long editing them. This album is the first week of the trip where we met Elisabeth (Lego) and her husband in Vienna and then Heather in Istanbul. It is such a treat to have friends all over the world, and they really made these days special. I'm not going to upload any of the 180 pages of this album! I created them in the Lightroom Book Module, so they have no product - just photos and text - it's the only way I could get it all done. But here's the cover. Now I just have to do a quick spell check and upload before the photobook special expires tonight!

Blendable Map Layers No. 04 (scribbly border)
Bound Paper Pack No. 03 (vintage paper, also in Curated Favorites Paper Pack No. 10: Vintage)
Far and Wide Solids Paper Pack
Gesso No. 04
Stamped Stitches No. 13 Brushes and Stamps
Stitched Journalers No. 03
Traveler Clusters No. 04 Brushes and Stamps
Watery Photo Masks No. 15

Font: Trajan (I've used this as the title throughout the book - I loved it for the Eastern Mediterranean countries!)