So, I'm feeling very nostalgic these days and boy, does this give me all the feels, ya know? This is actually so out of my normal comfort zone... wait, a HUGE, FULL-SIZE PHOTO? Debi, you're going crazy... ha! And, I totally had a completely different vision when I started this layout, but here's where it ended. I kept trying add things (yes, actually add things... LOL) and changing the words I added and nothing worked. I kept coming back to this. So, here it is in all of its single, one-product (say what?) glory!
And, yeah... I just might frame this for Shannon when she --gasp-- moves to Oregon in April!
Thank you, Katie, for the simple and beautiful word art. It was perfect here...


Left Unsaid Brushes and Stamps
(The lovely "I'll love you forever" word art... I added "Scotland... you have my heart.")

Thanks for looking! Debi