I have finally accepted the fact that I am a planner girl. (The only surprise is how long it took me to admit it.) I love hybrid. I love using digital products to make hybrid projects. I love lists. And now I can combine all of these paper-digital-hybrid-list loves into one, joyful planner. I bought a mini-planner because I thought it would be easier to tote around. Katie's planner products are really perfect for this, you just reduce the size a bit when printing! And making my own washi tape and translucent floral stickers for planner accents was hilarious fun! For anyone who is a hybrid lover, or a list lover, you would love a project like this! Rather than post only one or two photos of my new little lovey, I did a whole scrapbook page about it, combining ALL of my creative passions into one! TFL!

I wasn't thinking the whole planner craze would appeal to me, but being the consummate list-maker, it's really tailor-made for me! Although I use my phone for most calendar reminders, there have always been some topics that just require a pencil, some blank paper, and a numbered list. Setting up the planner was half the fun, since I love to use digital supplies for all things hybrid. It helps to have a great printer. I knew the main categories I'd need: quotes, sketching, cards and ideas, so I set up tabs for each. I particularly loved the look of the botanicals on the sticker paper, it's translucent and so pretty, and you can write on it easily. I'm hoping to bring the planner with me wherever I go and just see what my sharpened pencil wants to write!

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Monthly Memories Vol. 02: Layered Templates No. 02
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ARToption Mini Mix No. 05 word strip
Blendable Layers Base Paper Pack No. 03
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