What a great Story Challenge to kick-off 2019! Check out the blog for more details!

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2019. This is the year that it all changes. Goals. I have big goals, and so do we as a family. 2018 was not the best of years and looking back, there are no regrets, but lots of lessons learned that will propel us into this new beginning. I feel like Iíve lost a year of my life. After I was let go from my job, I was super pleased to have the extra time to devote to the kids and our home, and that has been a really great thing. Iím no longer stressed out. I have time to spend with the kids to go on field trips and we have tea after school when we chat about the adventures of their day. But somewhere along the way, I also feel like Iím losing part of myself. The part of my identity that goes with a career and working outside the home. I always embraced the challenges at work and felt empowered when I started new projects. Most of all, I loved connecting with other people and building professional relationships. Suddenly, I now find myself second-guessing myself all the time and my confidence has tanked. Iím literally afraid to do anything for fear of failing. Everyone gives me suggestions for what I could be doing, and I get excited about their suggestions. But shortly into it, I get completely discouraged and abandon it before I have even begun. That is what needs to change. My word for this year is UNAFRAID. I need to be unafraid when approaching people about work and unafraid to put myself out there. Somehow I have to develop a thicker skin so that I can start to take risks again and start to feel productive once again instead of stagnating. My efforts have started by making some plans. Just weekly plans, but it is getting stuff done and when I see things checked off at the end of the day, it gives me more motivation to keep going. Iím also putting myself out there and have stopped analyzing every new idea to the point of paralysis. Iíve started making meals for some of the families at school. I know, I donít have a business license to do so and Iím not really making a ton of money doing it, but at least it is providing me with a bit of motivation to continue my meal-planning efforts and prepare more healthy meals for my own family. I also offered to do a mini photoshoot with two people, one is a friend and I gave it to her for her birthday, and the other, a new mom who, despite being a wonderful photographer, rarely makes it in the frame of her photos with her new baby (her fifth!) Do I want to start a meal prep delivery service? Not really. Do I think that I can be a full-time professional photographer? Not likely. But I am going to be able to say at the end of the year that I am not afraid to try. And that is my big goal for 2019.