OK... it's finally here! Smile
The meaning behind the beehive... and I'm sad to say it isn't all that thrilling of a story!
But, it's mine! LOL

This challenge was so much fun to do and I thank all of you for participating, too!
I've loved reading everyone's stories, so keep 'em coming, ladies!

it all started at the close to my heart convention
in 2000. one of the speakers suggested that
consultants have a “tagline” or moniker that
people would remember. she was known as
“lemonade lady”... (and funny, i remember
that and not her name!) anwyays, i tossed
arond some possibilities, until one day it hit me!
i am always as busy as a bee... “buzzing”
around doing this and doing that! and i had
always known that the origin of my given name,
deborah, was Hebrew and that it actually
meant “the busy bee”. so it was the perfect
tagline! so i changed my e-mail address to
“fromthebeehive” and stamped little bees on
everything! friends and customers actually
would send me bee things they saw... the
tag line idea actually worked! a few years
later, i became active on a few online
boards/sites, shortened “from the beehive”,
added my age at the time (eek!) and
became forever after “beehive50”!

Kraft Paper (Katie Pertiet Krafty Lady )
Bee (Katie Pertiet Buzz Tales Brushes-n-Stamps )
Label (Jackie Eckles “Ad Challenge Freebie 12/24/06”)
Font (”Pea Haylie” downloaded from the Internet)

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi