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Christmas Clips No. 01
Classic Scraps Mini No. 01 Cardstocks Paper Pack
Days of December Layered Template Set No. 12 (splatters)
Evergreens Scrapbooking Kit
Layer Works No. 1022
Scribbled Overlays No. 02 (re-sized to 6x8)
Vintage Christmas No. 02 Add-On Paper Pack
Vintage Christmas No. 02 Sentiment Tapes

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Journaling: Lincoln was so excited for the school disco. He loves music and he loves to dance and whenever he goes to a school disco he doesn't leave the dance floor until it's time to go home. I always find it so fascinating that he will dance the night away without a care in the world but at home he will get shy and not do it. Either way, for a kiddo who struggles with noise he handles it amazingly! He has some moves, that's for sure! He's been working extra hard on perfecting his floss and it's looking pretty good! And I can tell he has been practicing his macarena! And for the first time ever, he actually came and asked me to go dance with him. I was so shocked and also so disappointed that it was right at the same time I was dealing with Poppy. Five minutes later he was happy for Mummy to stay on the sidelines watching. Next time! Poppy even overcame her shyness and made it to the dance floor. It's great exposure for her because next year she will be one of the students and she will be dancing away with her little friends, too! It was such a great night!