Anyone else ever have trouble knowing when to stop adding all of the things? Or is that just me? lol. Wink

This is for Linc's first Christmas book. So December 2011! I'm a wee bit behind on that one!

Thanks for looking!

Layer Works No. 1029 (splatters, stamp, holly)

Blitzen Kit
Clipped Stacks No. 05
December Woods Scrapbook Kit
Elfin Magic Kit
Evergreens Scrapbooking Kit
Jingle Scrapbook Kit
Light Strings No. 01
Little Enamel Charms: December No. 01
Little Nutcracker Kit
Messy Stamped Alphabet No. 07
North Pole Dots and Stripes Printable Paper Pack
North Pole Scrapbooking Kit
North Pole Washi and Printable Tape Strips
Santa Wrap Photo Frames No. 01
Sweet St. Nicholas Kit
Whitacre Woods Scrapbooking Kit
Woodside Jangle Add-on Paper Pack No. 01
Woodside Jangle Kit

Font: Traveling Typewriter, Shantine
Journaling: We were busy little elves today, my sweet boy! Your Nana and Pop arrive from Xxxxxxxx tomorrow to spend Christmas with us. You were Mumma's Little Helper today while I did lots of last minute cleaning. Ok, you were actually content to lay in your porta-cot with a box of toys while I ran around like a crazy person. And for that I am so grateful!