Ok, so I got so inspired by Rachel's layout and the SSL (and I had some time this morning!) that I just had to lift it again! *grin* I mean, just think of all the possible variations from just this one fine layout!

This time I went with the horizontal composition of Rachel's page, but... yep... once again, my paper strip went by the wayside and I used lots of brads instead! I was going to use a dotted paper to mimic hockey pucks, but then... BRADS! Perfect! LOL Anyways, I mixed and matched a few black ones, threw in the players' jersey numbers and added one orange one just for fun!

Thanks again Anke and Rachel for the inspiration!


Golden Season Solids Paper Pack
(background paper... thought it kind of looked like skated on ice!)
Inky Scribbles Brushes and Stamps No. 01
(scratchy brushes... trying to mimic lines of skates on ice!)
DoodleDo Frames No. 15 Brushes and Stamps
(photo frames... I colored in some of the little triangles)
Flair Mini Sports
(8 and 9 brads)
Flair Minis No. 04
(all the black brads)
Arrow Flairs Value Pack No. 01
(orange arrow brad)

Anaheim Ducks logo from the Internet

Thanks for looking! Debi