What a fabulous layout from Rachel for this week's SSL! You just KNOW that I'm in love with all that (literal!) white space and I love the simplicity of the page, as well!

As I am want to do... my page took off in a slightly different way... *rolling my eyes* I decided to look for a vertical photo, but then these two pics and the (very) recent events from Thanksgiving popped up. (As did thinking back to the chats and discussions about scrapping hard times...) And this page was born.
I started with a paper strip like Rachel and also tried dramatic, scratchy brushes. They weren't quite right and the falling leaves just seem to mimic the subject... from tree to ground and our lunch from happy to sad. I "tied" the two pics together with a button and added the Thanksgiving word/line art behind the photos.

My journaling is disjointed because the ending minutes of our family lunch was VERY disjointed... feelings were hurt... my sister left in a huff... we were kind of stunned at the turn of events. But... you will be happy to know that my sister took the evening to think about her behavior and individually apologized to everyone. Hey, we ain't perfect by any means, but we ARE family, we love each other and all is well now!


Christmas Woodlands Solids Paper Pack
(background paper)
Stamp Sets: Gratitude
(Thanksgiving-line brush)
Cute Mini Mix No. 02
Stripey Alphabet No. 03
(outline B and 4)
Turkey Day Element Pack
(cascading leaves)

Thanks for looking! Debi