I feel as though this is a good place to start my December album this year... in November. Wink That's all I plan to add for now... the rest will kick off December 1st.

I will have a similar design to this the whole way through. One page of journaling and one page for photos. I'm using the same white background all the way through. Splatters and scribbled borders on each page. Lots of holly throughout and the same template set for the book for my photo pages.

Thanks for looking!

Classic Scraps Mini No. 01 Cardstocks Paper Pack
Days of December Layered Template Set No. 12 (splatters)
Monthly Memories Layered Template Pack No. 11 ('November')
Scribbled Overlays No. 02 (re-sized for 6x8)
Vintage Christmas No. 02 Borders and More
Vintage Christmas No. 02 Collage Bits No. 01
Vintage Christmas No. 02 Layered Banners

Font: Traveling Typewriter, KG The Fighter
Journaling: Oh, the anticipation! Half way through November I took the kids shopping on different days at Xxxxxx. Neither of them had been to any shopping centres since all of the Christmas decorations and products had come out and I hadn't realised that. They both were so surprised when they saw Christmas trees, twinkling lights, decorations and ornaments everywhere. Both kiddos literally stopped still in their tracks and went.. "Oh wow!!" You could see the wonder and excitement come over their little faces and it immediately prompted lots of conversation about our Christmas plans, Santa Claus, wish lists and how to avoid the much feared 'naughty list'. Even though at the time I had been dreading going shopping for ordinary, everyday things I left the shops sharing the excitement and anticipation our kids just so naturally have in abundance. I love that even though they have wish lists of their own they are already thinking of others and ways to spoil the special people in their lives. I love how their little imaginations work and I especially love hearing the Christmas stories they come up with. As we left the shopping centre on Saturday, Santa Claus was just setting himself up for a day of photos and Lincoln got a sneak peek of him. He was literally in awe and he just looked at me and whispered, "Mum, it really is Christmas. And I am so excited." Me too, my sweet boy. Me, too.