I am Mollie aka “readstoomuch”. . .and yes, I am pretty much addicted to the written word and always have been. From nursery rhymes to Snip, Snap and Snur . . . from Gone With the Wind to Anna Karenina . . . from Creating Keepsakes to Creative Needle . . . USA Today to Guideposts, I am purely a reader! I didn’t set out to bore my friends in the gallery, but just so you know . . . I am never bored, for when books fall open, I fall in!

This is a bit more cluttered than I like, but there was so much to get in here!
After all, if one reads too much ... it just follows that one must write too much as well!!!

Journaling . . . "This is true . . . I was born in our county library . . . yes, I really was! And, I guess that I have been reading ever since. Well, our little library actually was the towns hospital in it’s first life. It was the library until I finished college in our same little town. I surely visited Miss Clara (our librarian, who I dearly loved ) at least twice a week. Overdue books were a penny a day, and that fit into my budget just fine. Do I read too much? Well, maybe not unless one considers that sometimes the dishwasher doesn’t get unloaded in a timely manner . . . or the floor maybe should be swept once more this week! I always had time to read to our four children and thought it important that they see me read for pleasure too. Can I put a good book down . . . not on your life! Does my husband complain about my charges to the book stores I haunt? Never has yet! The first book I remember well which was read to me was “Aunt Charlotte’s Bible Stories” while I sat in my grandmother’s lap . . . I would have her read about little Samuel and baby Moses over and over again. Then I remember Mother getting me Little Golden Books . . . the ones illustrated by Eloise Wilkin were favorites of hers and of mine. I loved our early primers in school . . . Dick & Jane . . . Baby Patsy . . . the Winky Series . . . even my spelling book! When I was a little older, I read all of the little orange jacketed biography “The Childhood of Famous Americans Series”. Loved Julia Ward Howe: Girl of Old New York in this series and John Quincy Adams: Boy Patriot. Then there was high-school introducing me to Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies . . . college and Macbeth and Hamlet and Native Son and War & Peace. Now, I can read anything and any time I want and it is pure bliss ... totally luxury! Always a book in the car and at the bedside. The grandchildren receive so many books that they need new shelving and the antique stores and the internet are fodder for my addiction to the vintage children’s books."

The plumes are Anna Aspnes Hipster Plumes 8 & 5.
Font used to cut the paper for title is Oldstyle 1 and Morgan for the overlay.
Katie’s Stitched Note Card, Shell Collectors #4 Kit for white paper and Kellie Mize’ Circle of Life Stamp.
Photo was done with Katie's Stamped blocks used with the clone tool in PSE.
Script overlay is a listing of favorite books and authors of mine.
The little girl reading is from the cover of an old book of mine.