My youngest certainly is a foodie. She loves experimenting. And is making it her career - she has 6 months of study left to qualify as a dietitian
I love that she shares this passion for me by sending through the random photos - and she came home to cook dinner for my birthday last month Smile
Journaling: I don't know where Zoe gets her passion for food from. She delights in purchasing fresh food from the Prahran Farmers Market and loves to try various Asian recipes. She often sends through photos of food she has bought or cooked.
After she injured her hamstring last month she agonised over how to procure her ingredients. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Curated Team Scrapbook Mix No. 03
(including KPertiet_AppleCider_Tape-4, KPertiet_ArtsyBerries_string2, KPertiet_EatCake_Fork, KPertiet_HushaBye_SilverSpoon, KPertiet_LabeledJournalersNo4, KPertiet_TwillDefinitionsNo3red-delicious, KPertiet_VintageGardenNo1Solids-6)
Photo Clusters No. 53
Scribbled Overlays No. 02
Blendables Layered Template No. 91
(I used the brown paint, splatters, KP Gesso No.3, white paint layers)