Christmas is coming and I am revisiting December projects of the past... Wink 2014 never ever really got off the ground. But I love the format I chose and so I will keep plugging away at it. Smile

This day I didn't really have any specific story to tell other than Miss Poppy got attacked by a random mosquito during the night. And hey, December here is summer. And mozzies and summer go hand in hand. Wink

Thanks for looking!

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Font: Raleway
Journaling: The mosquitos are out in force and they really like the taste of Miss Poppy! She comes up with horrible big welts and they itch her badly. We use mozzie spray when we go outside but somehow a sneaky mozzie or two (20) must have got inside and they made a feast out of her overnight. She's still as happy as Larry though and content crawling around the house looking for any and all kinds of mischief to get into. The mosquitos though are definitely on Santa's naughty list this year!