Greetings DD'ers and Happy Saturday! It's been a while since my last post, and although I can't say I've necessarily been having fun, I have been productive, sort of. Mr. Squeak and I spent our summer getting remodeling work done on our home. Ugh! What crazy person thought that would be a good idea?!? (Oh, wait...) We refreshed our kitchen and remodeled our master bath, all the while living at home as the work was being done. What crazy person thought that would be a good idea?!? (Oh, wait...)

We had many adventures along the remodel journey. For example, after the new kitchen countertops were installed, I realized the backsplash tile I'd so carefully picked out looked horrible against the new countertop. (In my defense, when all you have are little 2" x 2" squares to compare against, everything looks good!) There was nothing for it but to return the backsplash tile and find one that I really liked. (No, this time I really mean that I will really like it!) Mr. Squeak was not thrilled with this development.

Mr. Squeak: "Do you really not like it?"
Me: "I am throwing up in my mouth just looking at it."
Mr. Squeak: "So, that's a 'no,' then!"

We managed to solve this problem and a few others and by the end of the summer we had a cool new look for our kitchen and master bathroom. Before starting this process I had no idea about the number of decisions we'd be required to make. Who spends time thinking about where you want the drawer pulls to be placed? Or whether you should use gray grout in the shower but white grout around the sink?

By far the biggest and most frustrating and most time-consuming decision was about the color of the walls. We wanted gray. Just...gray. How hard could that be, right? Here's a hint: EL James, the author of the popular book series "50 Shades of Grey" was so, so wrong! There are many, many more that just 50 shades of gray!

Journaling reads:
"Do you see all of those colors below? They are all shades of gray! All of them! And all of them were on my walls at one time or another as I spent the better part of the spring and early part of the summer looking for the perfect shade of gray. The story is this...

Saturday, July 22, 2018. It was just supposed to be a simple kitchen refresh. We weren't doing a full remodel; we just wanted to paint the walls, get a new countertop and paint the cabinets. That's all. Oh, and get all new appliances. Okay, now that's all! After years of brightly painted walls and bold accessories, we decided to go with a more neutral color scheme. Gray seemed to be an easy and popular choice so that's what we wanted: a nice basic gray wall color with a complimentary gray color for the cabinets...

OMG!!!!! Choosing the paint colors turned out to be the most difficult task of all! Apparently gray comes in many shades, as I found out when I visited the local paint stores. And not just shades like "light gray," "medium gray" and "dark gray." No, no, no! It's all "warm gray," "cool gray," "greige!" And don't forget the undertones and LRV (wha...???) and how the color in the store will look different in your home depending on the light exposure in the room! (Kill me. Kill me now.)

Time to find the right shades of gray: 3 months. Time it took to complete the actual work on the kitchen: 2 weeks. Now it's on to the master bathroom! This oughta be a piece of cake since we'll just use the grays we didn't use in the kitchen!"

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