I started this page a few months after my 40th birthday. It felt like its never gonna be done. I tweak and re-tweaked it a few times already. A year after, I have a better perspective on what that day meant to me and so redid the journaling and I'm calling it done. Thanks for the inspiration Carol!

Journaling: They say life begins at forty. I say Life begins the moment you live life itself. When I was younger I never imagined myself at forty. The last two years leading to my fourth decade has got me reeling that I haven't much time pondering. The plans I might have "harbored" for "the DAY" has been pushed down to the bottom of "my to do" list. The last few months before my birthday was eclipsed by life taking over: Preparation's for Rafael's 1st birthday took most of my free time. I could have hired an event planner but I'm a DIYer. It was inventory month at the office and there are several cases to be resolved. It was also back to school month. Regina is starting middle school at a new school. Sooo many things going on and before I know it, its my birthday. I took the day off and sweated it out at the kitchen making my favorite dishes. I decided to invite my extended family over for dinner. It was a night of catching up with my family and I still have time to watch a good movie afterwards. It was a simple and laid back celebration. Looking back I realized I couldn't be happier on how I spent my birthday. After all I got to do the things I love like cooking (and eating) my favorite dishes; A wonderful respite from my usual routine at the office. The DIYer in me felt satisfied with way I hosted my party. It was a day well spent. A wonderful respite from my usual routine at the office. I thought maybe this is what the forty's is all about. Its a time to slow down from the mad race for accomplishments and enjoy simpler pleasures. I did not wish for anything more that day. I have been under God's grace this whole time and I am blessed to have weathered four decades. I am confident that I can weather some more. Bring on the 40's!

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