Every July, my sister and I go to the beach for a week. We have a time-share in Ft. Myers which we purchased when our father was alive. This is OUR time, SISTER time, time for the girls to be together and have fun, argue, share stories and be alone together. I cherish this time with my sister. We are very close, even though we live in different states and have very different personalities. It is something to which I look forward every year. This year, I was super stressed when we set out. But as you can see in this photo, Kitty managed to get me to relax, as she always does.
Every year I take photos of our time together. This year, Kitty was so excited because she had lost over 30 pounds and liked how she looked in her bathing suit! LOL! And I worried the whole time that I looked horrible in mine! We will never change. Years from now - when we are old and gray and live together with our cats - we will look back on this time and laugh and cry and be ever so grateful for each other.
Ft.. Myers Beach, July, 2018

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