The Story:
"For our 13th wedding Anniversary, we did a DIY Tour of Hong Kong. Our first and second day went just fine and we were really feeling confident that we can wing another day on our own. On the third day, our morning itinerary went just fine. In the afternoon we were scheduled to check out the Victoria Peak in Hong Kong island. I have carefully plotted our route, checked and rechecked the bus stops and more importantly bought our entrance tickets before hand to avoid the long lines. We were to take a bus to the ferry station, board the ferry bound for Central, then take Bus 15C, alight in front of the Peak Tram Terminus and board the Tram straight to the Peak. Easy peasy. Unfortunately, we boarded Bus 15 instead of BUS 15C. It was too late when we realized that we were on the wrong bus. The trip that would have taken us 10 minutes became an hour. It turned out that the B15 takes passengers all the way to the Peak . We missed riding the iconic tram to the peak! Instead, we were able to explore the Hong Kong Island on board a bus. The route is a lot interesting. We were able marvel at the high rise buildings and at the same time the lush surroundings. I love that Hong Kong was able to maintain a lush environment in the midst of skyscrapers. Traffic build up enabled us to observe the residents go about in their community. Things become unnerving when we reached the uphill part of the route. We opted to sit on the second floor of the double decker bus, in the front row so the climbed felt like we were seated in front of a slow moving roller coaster.There were parts of the route so steep we were literally lying on our backs during the climb. The road only has one lane in each direction and the road sits on the edge of a cliff with only two-feet high concrete barriers. Despite the spectacular view, I was apprehensive about reaching our destination on time. Google said that the climb up (by the Peak Tram) the Peak takes less than ten minutes. The bus has been going uphill for 45 minutes! I was so relieved when we finally reached the bustop and saw directions going to the Peak Tower. Th ePeak tower itself is an interesting peiece of building. It is shaped like a bowl. On top of it is the observation deck which gave us a spectacular view of the Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon Island. We stayed until all we can see are the lights of the buildings down below. We took the Peak Tram going down and this time the steep descent took only 10 minutes! We may have lost time when we took the wrong bus but we were able to explore more of HongKong than we planned. April 2018"

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