These days my abdomen can swell up dress sizes in literally hours (doctors think endo but I'm waiting, waiting, waiting) so I have refused to track measurements of any kind to save myself some heartache. I eat very healthy as it is but about 6 weeks ago I cut out gluten. I lost so much bloating so quickly it was crazy. We measured weekly and were blown away by the changes. Sadly I've swollen back up this week even with my strict eating. It was nice while it lasted HA! Once again I am so glad I recorded this at the time! Wink

** I've been inspired by Katie;s Documenting Life Notebook Daily Stories templates and I've challenged myself to a little project for July. I plan to scrap a page documenting one good thing about each day for the whole month. It could be something big or something little. Mostly it's just for me to play. Smile I'm scrapping these 6x8 and plan to print them out and put them in a small album. There's no way I will keep up with this so I'm just jotting things down each day and scrapping when I can. **

Thanks for following along!

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Journaling: We took my measurements today. We've been taking them fairly regularly since I changed my food and have seen some massive improvements. A lot of the changes have simply been from the decrease in bloating but today we were blown away. My measurements in my waist/hips were the smallest they have ever been throughout this almost 4 year journey. That combined with the scales increasing a little means only one thing - I've gained some muscles! And anyone who knows me knows that is very exciting stuff!