Katie has a brand new Story Scrapbook Challenge up on the blog along with an awesome freebie to get your creative juices flowing!!

July Story Freebie - Thanks Katie!!
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There is so much good at the moment that I don*t think it is possible to capture it all in one story. I never take it for granted when things are so good that my heart wants to burst. There are good times and there are not so good times in life and I try to bank up how I feel at this moment for those not so good times when I*m surrounded by darkness and all I can see is what is wrong.
First of all, I love our kids so much and I admire the people that they are becoming. So often, I look at them and smile thinking about how curious and intelligent they are. And most of all, they are healthy. Of course that could change in the blink of an eye, so I am thankful for every day. They have developed a great sense of humour and a love for travel and the world. They have traveled more than most adults in their brief ten years, but they also appreciate it and realize what a privilege it is. I am so happy to not be working full-time at the moment. The extra time allows me to focus on the kids, my home and the happiness of others around me. As long as it is financially possible, it is SO good to be at home. Finally, things around us are starting to come together. After years of hard work, we are starting to see the fruits of Chris* labours. So life is really good right now and it isn*t just luck because everyone struggles at different times in their life, so I*ll take it right now and enjoy the moment.