This is the second double layout from a recent surprise visit to celebrate my girlfriend's 60th birthday.
The composition may seem busy, it was tedious getting it placed properly, but the series of photos is so typical of our time together that I just had to get them all on the page.

Of all that makes our friendship and love for one another special, my favorite is our animated and passionate conversations.
Our chatter is full of emotion and expression. The term "body language" doesn't come close to describing the gestures and movements that define our communication style.
Laughter or tears, loud or soft spoken, hands in motion or gently holding the other, there is never a doubt that we are both fully engaged.
Antiques to zucchini and everything in between, we rarely run out of interesting and meaningful things to talk about.
Like an ol' married couple, we finish each other's sentences.
We gently correct the other's pronunciation, grammar, and help recall names.
And let me say, it takes skill to keep up with us when we're on a roll or telling a story. We tend to bounce between multiple topics or story lines with rapid fire precision and often leave other's wondering what in the world just happened.
Your daughter captured one of our typical conversations complete with arms flaying, rolling laughter, and a multitude of expressions. This series is so "us" I just had to get them scrapped. Some of them will make you cringe but it's who we are after forty five years of practice.

Good Day Scrapbook Kit Patterned paper, 3x4 cards, 4x6 cards, Flairs, Clips
In a Strip Overlays
Kerava Scrapbooking Collection
Readymade Layers: Love Borders No. 03
Neutral Word Bits No. 03