I love every single page Sharon has created, but it's so hard to lift perfection, ya know? *grin* Liz, thanks for picking such a wonderful layout for us to lift and Sharon, thanks for the inspiration, as always!
I took the circular element and made that the photo and instead of paper strips, I tweaked the journaling into "strips". I added the angled title (logo from NBC) and added the date to balance the page. You know I love brads, so I went to town, mimicking Sharon's page using the three brads on the edge of a square and, of course, I had to add a couple at the end of the twisting brush!

Yes, this is the only photo I have of my birthday present last month: The LIVE semi-finals of my favorite TV show, The Voice! Shannon isn't a huge fan, but *is* the MOST thoughtful daughter and got two tickets! I was told back in April to request Monday, May 14th off from work but she wouldn't tell me why! Just that I "would like it!"... *grin* It was so much fun and so interesting to see all the work that goes on during the 3:45 commercial breaks! Moving sets, staging the singers, watching Carson, oogling Blake... hahaha! Seriously, it was amazing! Sadly, NBC didn't make exceptions for scrapbookers... no cellphones allowed unless you're family of a contestant. Still, it was a very long and awesome day at the studios!
Oh, and this funky shot was from a photo booth set up on City Walk at Universal... super pixelated and weirdly composed, but hey... we really WERE there! LOL


Floridian Solids Paper Pack
(background paper)
Darcy Gardens Paper Pack
(two of the patterned papers)
Antiquarian Artistry No. 01 Dots and Stripes Paper Pack
(dotted and striped patterned papers)
Twisted Dots Brushes and Stamps No. 02
(twisted brush)
Round Vintage Photo Frame Stacks No. 01
(photo frames)
Flair Minis No. 01
Flair Minis No. 02
(the brads!)
Fastener Basics No. 01
(my favorite staple!)

Thanks for looking! Debi