While my Mac is not working (and I'm too scared to use my back up ehd until I have another back up... lol) I'm limiting myself to scrapping with only new products, photos on my camera card and a handful of older supplies that I had backed up on a spare ehd. This was fun to put together - and layer works templates are seriously like mini kits! Wink

So, this a lift of Rachel's gorgeous page and a bit of a mash up of some layer works templates and new products. Thanks for the inspiration Rache, Anke and Kayleigh!

Thanks for looking. Smile

Antiquarian Artistry No. 01 Dots and Stripes Paper Pack
Antiquarian Artistry No. 01 Painted Layers (splatters/paint/newsprint)
Antiquarian Artistry Solids Paper Pack No. 01
Hand Scripted Brushes and Stamps No. 12
Layer Works No. 575
Layer Works No. 576
Monthly Memories Element Pack No. 06 (flair/bread tag)
Taped Together Overlays No. 03

Font: CK Jot
Journaling: Especially these adorable gappy smiles you are sporting lately, Linc! You waited a very, very long time to lose your first tooth. I guess I'm not surprised as we waited a very, very long time for you to even get your first teeth! You had been talking about a wiggly tooth (and a much awaited visit from the tooth fairy) for so many weeks that we were genuinely surprised when you came home from school one day with a bottom tooth missing. And then a few days later you lost another one! Well, just recently you lost your first two top teeth. You look so cute with your gappy grin and you sound even cuter as you get used to talking without them. You are already telling me you can feel another wiggly tooth so your smile might be changing again real soon!