I am so in need of some scrapping time, I'm going crazy! Doncha just hate it when life gets in the way of scrapbooking? LOL Anyways... thank you, Chrissy, for a swift kick and I got a page done! Trying the gradient is something I've only done on occasion and it was perfect to soften the bold blue of the Scottish flag that I wanted to use for my background. And, I sure didn't use many elements on this page... even for me! Not sure why it took me all day to finish up... hahaha! And, yeah, the photo isn't great as it was taken in a pop-up shop warped and wobbly mirror, but hey... it's us at Scottish Fest! And, yes, there is actually a second right-side page with more photos... bagpipes, beer, whisky... *grin*


Thin Classic Photo Frames Curled and Flat No. 01
(photo frame)
Pinned Pearls No. 01
(pin with pearl)
Flair Minis No. 01
(heart brad)

Flag and thistle images downloaded from Google Images

Thanks for looking! Debi