Last week my Mac suddenly decided to no longer play the game and I am fearing the worst. Luckily my photos were backed up but I no doubt lost some pages (maybe a lot, I'm too scared to check...) and supplies. So until I can bring myself to look at it again and fix it (we're not talking right now... lol) I'm scrapping the odd page on an old pc. Everything feels back to front! HA! I won't lie... this page took forever! But I like the outcome and I got a little scrapping fix this morning. Smile

Thanks for looking!

Antiquarian Artistry No. 01 Painted Layers
Antiquarian Artistry No. 01 Scrapbook Kit
Darcy Gardens Solids Paper Pack
Monthly Memories Element Pack No. 06 (file tab, taped word)
Neutral Word Bits No. 03
So Happy Brushes and Stamps No. 01

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Journaling: Oh, baby girl! When did you grow up? This past weekend your Daddy and I attended an information session for your school enrolment next year. School. I can't believe how quickly that time has come around! You are so ready for it, though. You ask about school all of the time. You are excited to learn and make new friends. You are forever making up games and role playing being a teacher. You are really excited for your own school bag, lunch box and even a uniform. You are fast picking up some of the routines by coming along to Lincoln's school drop off, pick up and parades. You have even already made some little friends for next year during the afternoon pick up. It certainly won't be an environment that is foreign to you and it makes us smile to think you and Lincoln will share a playground next year! But change is definitely coming. Big change, exciting change, scary change and good change! And right now your Mumma is just trying to soak in the days. Even the crazy ones! Because by January life is going to look a whole lot different for all of us. Let's go and see where the adventure takes us!