More to the story-The FB page for my hometown is posting tons of photos that the newspaper photographer took over the years. This was one of the photos that was posted this week. I remember when it was in the newspaper and was so pleased to have this memory come back to me this week. The Japanese woman in the photo lived with my Great Grandma and became a part of our family. A dentist in town loved Japan and designed their new dental clinic in Japanese style. They had Japanese dental technicians rotate to work in their clinic. Kimiko and Tadoyoshi fell in love while they lived in my hometown but when they returned to Japan, his parents refused to let them marry because Kimiko wasn't Buddhist. She was Christian. She became so ill from a broken heart that she moved to Germany a few years later and met a man there and started a family with him. She and my mom corresponded for many years--up until the time my mom died I think. I wish I could remember her last name. It has been too long. But in an internet search this morning, I think I found his name. Tadoyoshi Miyahi.

Update: My brother saved the day and updated me with the correct spelling for Kumiko and her last name. So I updated the LO.

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