So, this page has been sitting in my computer, half-done... I started it for a challenge a few weeks back, lost my mojo and my life went crazy and so it sat. Until Linda's SSL challenge... I thought: Perfect, I'll finish the page! Ironically, I think I actually started it for Kim's monochromatic challenge last month which is where Sherry's cool page came from!
I'm always up for a single photo page and ironically, I had an outlined title just like Sherry! (Great minds, right, Sherry?)
Anyways... just a pretty photo at the end of a (very rare) Southern California rainstorm. Walking along the beach and out onto the pier here, I was pleased to see not only the pretty clouds, but the hill where I grew up... 30 miles north!
Thank you, Sherry, Linda and Kim, for the kickstart to get this page done!


Textured Whites Paper Pack No. 02
(the awesome background paper... I gave it a slightly gray-blue hue to soften it and complement the photo. And the texture reminded me of water!)
Scratchy Paint Clusters Brushes and Stamps No. 01
(the brush behind the photo... a subtle nod to the seafoam!)
Beloved Element Pack
(lace edge... ever so slightly recolored)
Tightly Kerned Brushes and Stamps No. 03
(outlined word art layered over brushed alpha)
Stamped Bookshelf Alphabet No. 01
(grayed 'chalky' alpha under the title word art)
Flair Minis No. 03
(brads... all slightly recolored)

Thanks for looking! Debi