Oooooooooooh, another lunch hour of scrapping! And, this time, it didn't take a couple of lunch hours! This was came together in less than an hour thanks to Katie's template! So easy! And, can I just say again how much I love these "Labelled" stamps from Anna? Smile I've used them enough in the last week to prove it!

fact no. 23
the dog is kind of weird.
yes, she’s sweet and cute
and all that. but...
she just does some weird
things. take for instance,
like this lovely, not-so-modest
pose. nice, huh? and,
she’s actually asleep!
yep... weird!

Paper, Ribbon (Lynn Grieveson Bellissimo kit )
Template (Katie Pertiet Tested Brushes-n-Stamps )
Stamp/Brush (Anna Aspnes Labelled Number Brush set )
Chipboard Alpha (Katie Pertiet Chunky White Chipboard Alphabet )
Drop Shadow (Katie Pertiet Drop Shadow Action Set )

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi