I have this clipping from my hometown newspaper and thought that I probably should scrap it to add to my family history/story book. I hope sometime to find the original photo at the newspaper office to make a better copy for the book. If not, I feel fortunate to have this one.

James Franklin Thompson sits second from the left on the front row. He is my great-grandfather "grandpa" and fought with the 8th Cavalry. He is buried in the Civil War cemetery in Franklin, Tennessee.

On August the 24th 1912, these Putnam County veterans of the War Between the States held a reunion and were photographed on the lawn of the old County jail. The men were members of the 8th Calvary.

Front row from left are Mansfield Whitson, James Thompson, unidentified, John Farris, Dr. McClain unidentified, Jim Nickles.
Second row are Hick Buck, Joe Hudgens, Jacob Davis, John Qualls, Mac Wilhite, John Maybery, Jackson Davis, Robert Alcorn and Joe Dyer.
Third row are Bob Stewart Milton Owens, Brack Qualls, Newton Rurk, Charlie Bradford, Hugh Terry, Alex Weeks, Amos Williams, unidentified, Lafayette, Sliger, Will Cumby, Nelson Hyder and Dolph Watson

(A nice DD friend sent me a PM to tell me that I had an error in my journaling. I wrote calvary rather than cavalry . . . even though both are words, I chose the incorrect version for my topic! Spelling is not my best talent! LOL) Thanks, Kathy!!

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P.S. The Civil War was often called The War Between the States by those living in the South