Just a reflection of this past (and difficult) year with my daughter's club soccer team... and, yes, it's another lunch hour creation! (Gosh, you just have to love digi, doncha? I can scrap at lunch!)

It’s really too bad things happened
the way they did. At this early summer
tournament, your team experienced the first
twinges of problems ahead. New girls
on the team. Veterans on the team. Coaching
conflicts. Drama. Too much drama for a
team of 12-year-olds. xxx xxx was
the first to leave. The fall season brought
more drama. The club “retired” your coach,
xxx xxx. The club director, xxx xxx,
stepped in. More drama. National Cup quarter-
finals vs. Del Mar was disastrous. A bad loss.
More bitter feelings. And, xxx xxx,
xxx xxx, xxx xxx,
xxx xxx and xxx xxx all leave the team.
Only eight players are asked to remain with the
team for the 2007-2008 season. More drama.
And, so... we, too, elect to leave. Leave
the So Cal Blues. Leave some friends.
Leave the beautiful grounds where the
teams practice. And, hopefully, we
will also leave all the drama.

Paper, Green (Katie Pertiet Krafty Lady )
Paper, Brown (Anna Aspnes MonoBlendz Paper Collection-Kakao )
Cardboard Frame (Katie Pertiet “Out of a Box Frames” coming Sunday!)
Cardboard Alpha (Katie Pertiet Out-of-a-Box Alphabet )
Painted Frame (Katie Pertiet Dried Brush Frames [Square] Brushes-n-stamps )
Tape (Katie Pertiet Graphic Tape Brushes-n-stamps )
Staples (Jackie Eckles Rustic Floral Embellies )
Stitches (Jackie Eckles Big Quirky Stitches, 1 )
Curled Paper Edge (Anna Aspnes Kraft Curled Edges )
Drop Shadow (Katie Pertiet Drop Shadow Action Set )
Font (”Vrinda” Microsoft)

Thanks for looking! Smile Debi