It's been a long time since I did a "currently" page about what's happening right this minute. When I saw this new template, I thought, "Ah ha! I can make a big journaling block from that!" And just like that - inspiration. :D Sometimes it works like that - and dinner just gets put off a littttle bit longer. :D TFL!

Journaling for my 17YO and his grandma to go to Germany in August. Oh my! a YouTube video my youngest is watching while his older brother mixes up cocoa in the kitchen for a snack.

Seeing...bright sunshine coming across the deck and in through the window. No rain this afternoon, it seems.

Wishing...I had spent some time on my taxes today. Due in just two weeks and I'm not done yet!

Happy...that I got to see my friend Tracy for a long catch-up visit at Downpour cafe this morning. I'll spend my two nights of time off in April while Alex visits Grandma Shannon.

Noticing...that I addressed and stamped a whole lot of postcards this morning but haven't written them yet. Maybe tonight?

Feeling...a little anxious as a new week starts up tomorrow. The lists are always too long for the time.

Wondering...if Alex will go to school tomorrow after being sick with a cold all weekend.

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