I think I ended up focusing on the circles because the bright colors were too much for this picture. But look! I used patterned paper. I never use patterned paper. But it was perfect for Carl to tell about his photo shoot by the on so talented Tanya Lee.
Hello everyone. I went to a photo shoot just like a real movie star. Ms. Tanya Lee takes the most awesome pictures ever. We were at an agility trial in Shreveport, LA. It is starting to look a lot like spring there and all the little wild flowers were just starting to bloom. Now, being the manly man that I am, flowers are not necessarily my thing. They all taste sort of like spinach .... or frog. But Mama and Ms. Tanya were going ga-ga over how cute I looked out in the field. Mama was really surprised that I sat and stayed for as long as I did. I figured I better because I dropped a bar in my first run. And I have to be honest, this time it was my fault, not hers. So, I posed and flitted with Ms. Tanya, and did not eat the daisies. Yer Frin, Carl

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