Such a happy, colorful and crazy fun iTunes cover for Chrissy's challenge this week! Definitely out of that proverbial box for me! Big, bold and full of space! Whew!
But, I finally had a use for Katie's really awesome "Really Awesome LT" (*grin*) and that amazing paper wheel! I eliminated a few pieces of the paper wheel and changed the opacity on all of them. I actually considered dropping them all down to barely visible, but then... the car is bold, the Vorsteiner logo is bold... so I kept some of the paper pieces at 100%. And while this layout is definitely circular, something was missing so I added a quick two lines noting the dates of the journaling and photos. And, bam! The page balanced... at least in my mind! LOL (And I'm wondering if I'm entering a "crazy scrapping" mode now... these last two pages have not been my normal simple pages!)

And, yes, this car really is awesome! (The template is appropriately named!) And, yes, I do have lots of other photos of the whole car, but those wheels screamed at me today, as Derek backed it out of the garage earlier today! So, here they are! Ha! Check the car out online if you're a car-geek like my family! *smile* It's basically a street-legal racer and Derek's boss has one. One of only 700 made in the whole world! (It's actually in my garage as I type this!) Honestly, it's pretty special to this mom that Derek's boss trusts him with all these very expensive and elite cars. Makes me proud. (And, oh, yeah... the rides aren't bad either! LOL)

Thanks, Chrissy, for taking me waaaaay outside the box on this one!


Textured Whites Paper Pack No. 01
(background paper... this texture reminded me of tires!)
Really Awesome Layered Template
(all the paper wheel pieces!)
Round Vintage Photo Frame Stacks No. 01
(round photo frames... I only filled one!)
Vintage Photo Frames No. 37
(long rectangular photo frame)

M4 GTS logo from the Internet
Vorsteiner logo from

Thanks for looking! Debi