This is another re-do of a page lost in a HD crash. I actually really loved the original so I didn't want to change all that much with the design. Here's the original.

Needless to say, my backup routine has been A LOT more organised and regular since this crash a few years back. Wink

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Autumn Rambles Element Pack (brush)
Cardstock Tabs No. 02
Cedar Crest Painted Layers (splatters)
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 07
Edge Overlays No. 08
Readymade Layers: Spring Borders No. 04
Spring Bouquet Scrapbooking Mini Kit
Spring Bouquet Solids Paper Pack
Super Simple No. 01 Brushes and Stamps

The brush and splatters I added from a Layer Works template(Layer Works No. 900). Kayleigh is a master at background brushwork and I often pull layers from her templates to quickly add finishing touches to a page. Smile

Font: Pea Sarahloo, Rough Typewriter
Journaling: You don't see the fun that was had running around the lake on the way to the park. The many stops just to investigate. The little pointed finger and "Ook Mum!! Ook!! Wass that?!" You don't see her brother running ahead of her yelling "Come on, Poppy! Let's go slide!" You don't see her trotting along behind and trying so hard to keep up. But at the same time making sure her Mummy is never too far away. And when Mum stops to take a picture, baby girl stops to wait. You don't see the biggest smile that came over her face when she laid eyes on the slide. Or the fact she ran straight to it and asked for help. You don't see the grins and you don't hear the giggles as she went down it over and over again with Daddy's help. You don't see the time she went down it with her brother. Or that she greeted every other kid at the park with a big "Hello!!" You don't see her playing in the wood chip and how dirty her little backside was! You don't see her trying to climb up the fort herself so she could send herself down the slide. And lastly, you don't see her Mummy drop the camera to catch her at the last minute when she fell off this bench straight after this photo was taken!