This was a project my daughter had to do for preschool... it isn't exactly a scrapbooking project, but I made it into one! We took care of the class "pet" this weekend, a bear named Dot Dot Apricot. The class pet has a book that every family gets to use to record their adventures with Dot Dot. (The teacher gave us the title page to start with and I went from there.)

We had fun with it, although Mommy got a bit carried away on the design. LOL! But in my defense, I figured in the time it would take me to upload the photos to Walgreens, drive to pick them up, then glue them in the album and finally handwrite the text... I could be mostly done designing it on the computer and it would be less stressful and more fun. Not sure that's exactly how it went, but it was still a fun project and my daughter loved carting the bear around everywhere so we could take photos.

In this Project:
Katie Pertiet
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 01
Classic Curled Photo Frames No. 02
Printed and Scripted School Brushes and Stamps

Maplebrook Studios
Desmon Maskros Paper Pack
Michaela Paper Pack
Frostproof Solids Paper Pack

Font: Interstate, Miserably Lose

Thanks for looking! ; )