When I saw Carol's story challenge this week, my mind immediately went to my parents' home... the home where I grew up... the home we sold last fall. I lived in that house until I moved away for college, but it has always been "home" to me. This house, the street, the neighborhood... home to my family since 1959. Now being loved by a new family... bittersweet, for sure...
This photo was taken the day the For Sale sign went up. I love this house, even with the brick planter falling apart, the driveway cracked from the motorhome parked on it for years, the basketball hoop still hanging above the garage door, the grass not as green as the neighbors... Dad let a few things go (ha!) after Mom passed. Anyways, thanks for reading thru this and bearing with me... scrap therapy, for sure!
Thanks for the challenge, Carol... although next time, I'll read the 'fine print'... right, Stacia? *wink*


Spring Bouquet Solids Paper Pack
(background paper)
Home Front Clusters Brushes, Stamps and Layers No. 02
(floor plan brushes)
Better Than This Brushes and Stamps
(title word art... I filled in HOME with color, then layered a watery brush over it!)
Big Watery Painted Patterns Brushes and Stamps No. 04
(the watery brush layered over the color fill in the title)
Clipped Stacks No. 06
(photo frames)

Pinned: Wood Veneers No. 02
(the wooden house pin)

Thanks for looking! Debi