I recently ran across this photo of my grandmother and was reminded of this story of her and her special chair. It's a story that was begging to be told!

This is my grandmother, Della Stone, sitting in her favorite chair, the BS chair. She called it that because they bought it before my mother, Shirley, was born, so it was the "before Shirley" or "BS" chair. Della spent a lot of time in this chair, usually with her legs thrown over one of the wide padded arms, even when she was in her 80s. She loved to read, so she would get a new book and a bag of candy and spend the day in her favorite place, losing herself in a story and stuffing candy wrappers down beside the cushion. When my mother got home from school, she could tell how much of the day her mother had spent reading by how many wrappers were hiding in the chair! This chair remained Della's favorite reading place until the last few years of her life when she moved to Florida to live with her daughter, Della Ann, and it was too big to move. She missed her old friend, the BS chair, very much.


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