Lost my design mojo this week and couldn't seem to finish any pages I started. : ( So I went back to basics with a "less is more" imagery/ornament approach and focused instead on the journaling. It was a nice break. Also good to get back to a subject that's been dear to me for so long - hiking and spending time in nature. Since my girls showed up on the scene, there hasn't been much time for solo outdoor adventures, but I did manage to sneak away a bit last fall for some rambles in my favorite state park: Harriman. Less than an hour from NYC, but a world away once you get a mile or two down the trail. For the few days I managed to get out there, it was heaven.

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13 years living on the east coast. 6 months living in Minnesota. Aside from friends and neighbors, the only thing I miss from my old life is Harriman. My escape. The place I went when I needed a break, time to think, time to myself, time to get lost in the magical effort of putting one boot in front of the other thousands of times in a day. I learned to rely on myself here - to strike out with a plan and a map and the burgeoning self-confidence of knowing I could follow a trail up, over and through the woods and then find my way back down again. I took many wrong turns on my rambles, but I learned to right myself and keep going. Some days I met many interesting people, and some days I met none. True solitude. I hiked, observed, relaxed, recharged and most of all, rejoiced. I learned there's no greater peace and joy for my mind than a simple walk in the woods.
Thank you, Harriman. Until we meet again, my dear friend.

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