So, a funny thing happened when I peeked at the gallery the other day: A lift of a lift of a lift... ha!
It started with admiring goingtothesun's lovely "Snow Bunny" page... which was a lift of adrianita's "Yogurt Everywhere" page... which was a lift of Kayleigh's amazing "Captured Moments" layout! Anyone else care to get in line? LOL
I love the simplicity of all these pages, all the lovely (literally) white space and loved those linear circles! I just turned my circles into a horizontal line... I just can't follow the "rules"... hahaha!
A big thanks to all three of you for the inspiration!
And, yes... at 89 (!) my dad still has that much hair! (And the occasional not-so-great haircut! LOL) Oh, to be that lucky... *grin*


Clipped Stacks No. 10
(photo frames and clip)
Everlasting ReMix Scrapbooking Kit
(background paper, alpha brads, label, staple)
All Around 4x6 Scripted Borders Brushes and Stamps No. 04
("just love" photo frame brush)

Thanks for looking! Debi