I decided to write Poppy a little letter on this one. I want to do the same for Linc as well before this month is finished. Smile

Thanks for looking!

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Font: American Typewriter
Journaling: Dear Poppy, You were just the sweetest little thing today. So helpful, so caring, so sweet, so you. You were amazingly patient with the present wrapping when things got a little wild. You never complained once when we had to take a break. Instead you tried your hardest to help your big brother. You loved seeing the different gifts we bought for your cousins and telling us what they would love about them. We spent some time today on Mummy and Daddy's bed singing songs. Your favourite at the moment is 'Humpty Dumpty' and I think that's because you have been doing 'humpty dumpty' moves in your swimming lessons. You also made up a new Christmas carol and you were walking around the house singing "Jingle Bells! Daddy smells! Rosie cat ate the tree!!!" and you burst out laughing every single time you sang it. I can't believe you turn four this week, sweet girl. You are always our little ray of sunshine! Love you so much. Always and forever. Mummy xx