Okay disclaimer here - I asked Mike to wear his red shirt today! tee hee
And I'm still on track! yeeeeha!

Katie Pertiet:
Botanical Colors Cerulean Meadow Solids Paper Pack
Redwork Scrapbooking Kit
All Around 4x4 Borders December Days Brushes and Stamps
Starburst Brushes and Stamps No. 02
Hinge Pack
Clock Parts No. 09
Charmed Words No. 01
Defined Discs: Holiday No. 02
Holiday Foliage No. 03

Font: Sana Sans Alt

Work was finished for the day and orders sent out so Mike headed to the shed to "play" with his new BEASTIE BOY. I said to him "what does that thing do" and with a look of pride and a slightly wistful gaze he just said "it cuts things" and I swear he sighed!

Oh LORDY LORD men and their toys. Whatever makes him happy. He'll be playing in there for hours!

But if he keeps bringing new "toys" into the MAN CAVE ... err ... shed, there'll be no room left.