Tammie brought up a thread with the subject of having a style of your own. I loved reading this thread and how people whose pages I easily recognize in the gallery feel like not having a style of their own! I adore people like Trace, Debi, Agniezka, Liz&Liz, Sharon.... - just to name a few - who have found their style.
I would love to see myself as a clean scrapper - I love clean pages with a few, well chosen elements, perfectly placed and a main focus on a precious photo..... and then something like this happens: I see a kit like Katies Candied Christmas and start scrapping ..... and can not stop, for all these gorgeous goodies have to be used!!!
So finally I have to give in and admit: I am a no-style scrapper .... but a totally fun and mood driven one Wink

And here is what we do this December: singin christmas charols, listening to Ellas Christmas Songs, baking cookies, making a little witchhouse (do you know these?), creating paperbag stars, decorating the house, having an adventcalendar, using fairy lights, visiting a concert for kids....

Candied Christmas Scrapbooking Kit
(how fun is this?!)
Holly Jolly Element Pack (tags)

Seasons Sparkles Element Pack
Merry Greetings Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Messy Stamped Trees Brushes and Stamps No. 01

tfl (and reading...)