Okay don't hate on me, but I just don't get it.

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I will be the first to admit I just don't get it. Yeah the whole dress up bit I do get, that's fun, planning fancy dress and having some laughs. But what's with the sugar - chocolates and lollies and sweets and wanting to load the kids up and fill them with huge amounts of that poison.

And whilst Halloween hasn't taken off in Australia (thank goodness) there are more and more families starting to go with the theme, decorating the houses, and costumes appearing in the stores and excuses for parties. Okay I can go with that, but then I read in the town newsletter that there are kids going trick or treating this year and if the families that want to take part could put a balloon on their letterbox then they will know the kids are welcome there.

I'm tempted to put a balloon out and when the kids come visiting I would hand the kids an apple and a leaflet to their nearest parkrun or sports activity.

But then I'd probably end up being known as the Witch that lives in Townsend Street, so maybe I won't!