I have been totally engrossed in recording the stories of my grandfather and my Dad whilst it is easier to do.

Photo Stories 12x12 Layered Templates No. 01
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Curated Team Scrapbook Mix No. 10 Value Pack (paper)
Jungle Stories Solids (paper blended over the top in an attempt to give it an 'Indian' color)
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I found a map of the camp online and blended it in.
The story:
What was it like? Comments from a British soldier: A six-hour train ride to Deolali about 125 miles from Bombay. Arrived at camp about 7pm and hired Indian servant boy to clean rooms, shine our shoes and shave us every morning for 8 anna (16 cents) a week.
Nights are very cool - sleep under five blankets. Days very warm.
Meals rotten. Breakfast - meat cakes and onions, dinner - tough beef potatoes, supper - meat and gravy. Lucky, we can buy food at the canteen, otherwise food worse than on troop ship.