My husband and I along with two friends recently returned home from a Canadian train trip through the Rocky Mountains from Vancouver to Calgary . . . had a simply wonderful time! I saw the magnificent Rocky Mountains for the first time and realized just much older and how small our beautiful Appalachian Mountains are in comparison.

It is a strange word and strangely shaped rock pillars. Over thousands of years, rain, snowmelt and wind have scoured the glacial material that makes up the ridge you are standing on, creating deep and narrow gullies. The "hoodoos" were once partially protected from erosion by caps of sod or harder rock material, which acted like umbrellas for the pillars. The origin of the word hoodoo is unclear, but we do know that these odd features have had a place in people's imaginations for thousands of years. Hoodoos are composed sedimentary rock covered by harder rock that is harder to erode. Once softer sediment erodes rock needle, or tower like natural obstacles are left.

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