Page two for my book of old 'studio' photos made of our children through the years. I really do have enough of these photos for an entire book. Believe it or not!! LOL

I have been cleaning out our attic and came across a large box of old photos in frames. I think that they came from my mother's, my mother-in-law's and my two aunt's houses. Some probably were packed from house to house for the many years when we were moving around while in the Army too. The frames have been removed and taken to Goodwill . . . and the poor faded and torn photos are going to be scanned and doctored up as much as possible in Photoshop. I plan to make a fairly quick Shutterfly book for each of our four children of these K-Mart, Belk Department Store and church address book photographs. I have dozens of them over the years and hope to get them done in time for Christmas gifts. The pages will be pretty similar and I won't post more than a couple of them . . . they also will have very few products so I can keep them simple and work quickly! I think that our kids would like a book more than a stack of reprints . . . and I know that the grandchildren will love looking them more too!

This photo is of our oldest son, Michael in 1970 I think. I do remember that we were living with my aunt while my husband was in Vietnam. Michael called the little drum, which my mother gave to him his "rat-tat-tat" and was so happy that he could take it into the store with him that day. Funny how I remembered this tiny little detail of that day!

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